Summer Food Inspiration

Killer Summer Cheeseboard

I don’t know about you, but I am pretty much never  happier than sat down with a fresh cup of tea and pouring over recipe books. There’s something so relaxing about just flicking through delicious pictures of food and I always relish the idea of earmarking those pages ready for trying out at the next dinner party with friends.

With summer almost here now (despite a long and unseasonably cold and wet few weeks!) I’ve got food on the brain. With the change in weather comes a change in appetite for me, and I always love incorporating the new seasonal ingredients into dishes to try for the hotter months. Strawberries, artichoke dips, apricots, aubergines and courgetti, experimenting with flavours of ice cream, enjoying different alcoholic cocktails, indulging in some delicious fresh sushi, whipping up massive batches of salads to take to the park alongside a fresh baguette and some cheese – I’m getting hungry just writing this…!

I’ve been doing a Pinterest browse (lots more on my Page) and captured some food inspiration below. Hopefully this will give you lots of ideas too – bon appetit! 

Baked Aubergine Blackberry Ice Cream French Toast and Strawberries Grilled Chicken TacosMushroom Pasta with Halloumi and Walnuts

^^ This Halloumi and Mushroom spaghetti is a favourite go-to dinner for summer nights, accompanied with a fresh green leaf side salad ^^

Nectarine and Pistachio Tart Plum and Thyme Prosecco

I love coming up with new drink recipes too if friends are coming over for dinner – these Rose and Lavender crush drinks are next up on my list to try.

Rose Slushy Seafood Feast Summer Salad Summer Strawberry Juices Tomato, Peach and Burrata SaladThe Londoner Burrata Courgetti Recipe Deliciously Ella Kale Sushi Guacamole Bowl Ice-Cream-Sandwiches-in-London-14 Lobster RollsWatermelon Pizzas Rose and Pistachio Ice Cream Seafood Summer Platter


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